Paint Correction

Remove Damage.
Recover Beauty.

Clean and remove concrete stains, bird dropping marks, and other forms of damage to your vehicle’s exterior paint.

Diamond Fox Paint Correction

Executive Two-Stage
Paint Correction Polish

The Executive Two-Stage Paint Correction Polish is my premier polishing treatment for vehicles that need intensive work done to restore the appearance of the vehicle.

With the Executive Two-Stage Paint Correction Polish, hologram and ghosting effects are removed from your paint’s clear coat.

This two stage polish removes 70% to 90% of scratches and swirls on the vehicle, restoring clarity and giving a solid light reflection.

Often times, this creates the appearance of a new vehicle.

“Polishing a vehicle without taking these type of measurements can result in clear coat failure and peeling.”

Contaminant and Debris Removal
Shine & Protection
Scratches & Swirls Removed
Holograms and Ghostings Removed

Diamond Fox Paint Correction

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Diamond Fox Paint Correction

Clay Decontamination

Removes Dirt ● Cleans Debris ● Preps for Polishing

In the eyes of longevity, oil, dirt, and sand are all contamination. They degrade the appearance of your exterior . They build a cloudy wall over your ride and dull your shine. After enough time has passed, the paint surface will become dull. 

The contaminants keep your paint looking flat. If you slide the back of your hand against the paint surface, you will notice that it feels rough. A rough surface is a contaminated surface.

It takes professional methods to clean the surface that general cleaning can’t.

This attention to detail keeps your car looking fresh.

This industry-grade clay removes the roughness you feel. It gently grips the surface and pulls out grime built-up in the clear coat.

I want to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s appearance. This process helps make that happen.

Clay Decontaminated Car
Clay Decontamination Square
Diamond Fox Paint Correction

Clear Coat refining

Removes Scratches ● Refines Paint ● Prepares for Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction polishing work is your ticket to renewing your vehicle’s paint surface. If you have a car that is starting to look dull and has lots of swirling and scratches, these defects prevent a light reflection. This is one procedure that your vehicle may qualify for depending on how much clear coat is still on the vehicle. Consequently, not every car will qualify for this type of invasive procedure because it really depends how safe it will be for your car to have this type of work performed.

Before I can decide how invasive I can get with the paint, I take measurements of the paint thickness. If the car has been severely neglected for many years, it is possible that there isn’t much clear coat left on the vehicle. Meaning, when a vehicle is in for paint correction, we are polishing down micro layers of the clear coat to remove these defects.

Polishing a vehicle without taking these type of measurements can result in clear coat failure and peeling.

Jesse Machine Polishing a Car

Choose The Right package For You

My paint correction packages

Gloss Enhancement
Machine Polish

$ 350 starting at
  • Turnaround: 1 day
  • Removes Light Oxidation
  • Deepens Gloss Level

Paint Correction Polish

$ 500 starting at
  • Turnaround: 1 day
  • Deepens Gloss Level

  • Removes 30%-40%
    of scratches and swirls
  • Removes Micro Layers of Clear Coat
    Where Scratches and Swirls Are

Executive Two-Stage
Paint Correction Polish

$ 800 starting at
  • Turnaround: 1-3 Days
  • Deepens Gloss Level

  • + Removes 70%-90%
    of scratches and swirls
  • Removes Micro Layers of Clear Coat
    Where Scratches and Swirls Are

  • + Refines the Heavy Polish Stage
  • + Removes Micro-Marring & Holograms
  • + Rehydrates Paint

After you Request a Quote,
this is exactly what will happen:

  1. Later that day (or the next business day) I (Jesse) will call you.
  2. During this 10 to 15 minutes conversation we’ll cover
    1. The current condition of your car
    2. Your ideal goals for this detailing
    3. How long this will take (usually around 5.5 – 6 hours, depending on your car’s condition)
    4. and we’ll schedule a date and time for you to drop your car off.

"No surprises. Just quality elite-level services. Done right. The first time."
~Jesse Fox

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Over time your vehicle may get paint-swirling and scratches from car washes and other random things. This polishing process removes micro-layers of the defected clear coat and creates a new leveled surface. Not every vehicle can withstand a full paint correction service therefore I take measurements of how much paint is on the car to make sure it’s safe to move forward.

There are no promises of a brand-new-looking vehicle but I am usually able to remove 80% to 90% of normal scratches and swirls from usage and aging. This restores clarity and gives a solid light reflection. Often creating the appearance of a new vehicle.

With use and time of driving your vehicle, it will get scratches and swirls from improper car washing, tunnel washes, contamination build up, and other things. After enough time has passed this creates a dull looking surface that is not reflective. With a restored surface you will have a nice and clear finish again.

With this process I am removing micro layers of your car’s clear coat. If too much clear coat is removed from your car, it can result in your paint peeling.

This is why I measure how much paint is on your car. So I can make sure it is at a safe level for me to do this type of process while not running into any negative effects.

I follow the path of doing the least amount of invasive procedure to limit the amount of clear coat that is being leveled on the vehicle.

No, I am not a car painter. If you have any areas where the paint is actually missing, that is not something I take care of.

Paint correction in our terms is talking about restoring the clarity and gloss of your paint’s surface.

A lot of times I can remove 80-90% of scratches and swirls from your vehicle. Though, I never guarantee more than that on a used vehicle.

There are many variables that go into how much time the service takes. Usually a vehicle in for a paint correction job is in the shop for a couple days.

The holograms and ghosting effects are usually the result of someone putting a polisher on a vehicle and not following up with the last step of proper polishing work.

The last step is polishing the paint to where you’re leveling out and refining the work from the first process. I never let vehicles leave with holograms from a polishing service I have performed.