Auto Detailing

Showroom Level Rejuvenation.

Extend your car’s lifespan and maintain its luxurious appearance with detailing.

Keeping It Showroom-Level

White FOx standard detail

The White Fox Standard Detail is for vehicles that are more or less annually detailed. 

Here I rejuvenate the interior and exterior, removing all contaminants and debris. Which prevents your paint from looking flat and dull. 

Next, I clean and recondition everything inside the vehicle. In addition, your exterior get a full paint decontamination treatment to remove any debris that could damage your paint long-term. 

And at the end, I lock it all in with a 6-month exterior silica paint sealant.

"I've been doing this for 21+ years, and my customers are always surprised by how nice their cars end up looking."

Interior and Exterior Rejuvination
Leather and Fabric Reconditioning
Contaminant and Debris Removal
Shine & Protection
Diamond Fox Auto Detailing

Satisfied Customers

Diamond Fox Auto Detailing


Removes Dirt ● Cleans Debris ● Preps for Polishing

In the eyes of longevity, oil, dirt, and sand are all contamination. They degrade the appearance of your exterior. They build a cloudy wall over your ride and dull your shine. After enough time has passed, the paint surface will become dull. 

The contaminants keep your paint looking flat. If you slide the back of your hand against the paint surface, you will notice that it feels rough. A rough surface is a contaminated surface.

It takes professional methods to clean the surface that general cleaning can’t.

This attention to detail keeps your car looking fresh.

This industry-grade clay removes the roughness you feel. It gently grips the surface and pulls out grime built-up in the clear coat.

I want to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s appearance. This process helps make that happen.

Clay Decontaminated Car
Clay Decontamination Square
Diamond Fox Auto Detailing

SIlica Paint Sealant

6-month Sealant ● Protective ● Sleek Shine

After I remove contamination, I give your paint a silica sealant to seal in its beauty.

Silica is the material that gives glass and ceramics their smoothness and durability. This treatment gives that quality to your exterior’s finish. 

The formula I use is one of the industry’s leading forms of high-end car coating.

Larger shops often use low-end waxes. Offering that in my shop is unacceptable. Harsh? …maybe.

But detailing your car is my wheelhouse.

So my bare-minimum is also a part of the industry’s  highest standard.

This silica sealant lasts longer than any traditional waxes do and leaves a smooth,  glossy exterior. Dirt, chemicals, rain, and oils have a harder time sticking to it. This is the same ingredient found in our top-tier long-term car coatings.

Black Car with Silica Paint Sealant
Car with Silica Paint Sealant

Choose The Right Package For You

Diamond Fox Auto Detailing Packages

Red Tail
Maintenance Package

$ 225 starting at
  • Turnaround: 3 hours or less
  • Hand-Wash with microfiber mitts (two bucket method)
  • Lite Interior Surface Clean
  • 3 Month Silica Sealant
    (Glass, Tires and Exterior Paint)
  • All Glass Cleaned
  • Tires and Wheels Dressed
  • Door Jambs
  • Blown-Out and Vacuumed
  • Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Dash Area Detailed
  • Two Front Seats get Leather Conditioned

White Fox
Standard Detail Package

$ 375 starting at
  • Turnaround: 1 day +
  • + Everything in the Red Tail Maintenance Package
  • + All Interior Deep Cleaned and Reconditioned
  • + 6 Month Silica Sealant
    (Very glossy and Hydrophobic)
  • + Full Paint Decontamination Treatment

Diamond Fox
Executive Detail Package

$ 675 starting at
  • Turnaround: 1 day +
  • + Everything in the Red Tail Maintenance Package
  • + All Interior DEEP Cleaned and Reconditioned
  • + 6 Month Silica Sealant
    (Very glossy and Hydrophobic)
  • + Full Paint Decontamination Treatment
  • + Free Consultation Included

After you Request a quote,
this is exactly what will happen:

  1. Later that day (or the next business day) I (Jesse) will call you.
  2. During this 10 to 15 minutes conversation we’ll cover
    1. The current condition of your car
    2. Your ideal goals for this detailing
    3. How long this will take (usually around 5.5 – 6 hours, depending on your car’s condition)
    4. and we’ll schedule a date and time for you to drop your car off.

"No surprises. Just quality elite-level services.
Done right. The first time."
~Jesse Fox

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Every car will have its own needs and different expectations by its owner. Meaning, what goes into each vehicle is not created equal, so I do an assessment of what each vehicle needs and how much time will go into achieving a quality outcome.

If it is not possible for me to achieve a quality outcome within a reasonable time frame I may not take the vehicle in for service. To help with this I rarely take in vehicles for standard detailing that are older than seven years or not professionally detailed within the last 3 years. If I do, I request photos and a in-person consultation.

Most people have a complete detailing service done annually. In the Northwest the basic paint sealant that I use will hold up for about three to six months, so it’s a good idea to have a new one applied every few months in between these annual details.

On average a standard detail with me takes about 6 hours for a vehicle in normal conditions. It’s pretty normal for a vehicle to stay with us for most of a day when it’s in for this service. However these jobs can also be multi-day jobs.

Even if a vehicle appears to be clean after driving around, your car will be collecting contamination and dirt on interior surfaces that you can’t see. I follow a routine to guarantee that every surface in the interior is actually clean, and not just appearing to be clean. Same goes for the paint.

No. Depending on who you go to they all have a certain process that they have developed to achieve the result they are trying to deliver.

A lot of knowledge goes into this type of work. Product knowledge, a little bit of science and a natural ability to see things.

You might ask your detailer if they know what the pH scale is and if they can’t tell you, they may not be someone you want to go to.

Not knowing this can result in damaging interior or exterior materials.

A used car is a used car. And will always be a used car.

This doesn’t mean we can’t take your vehicle to a very presentable condition and give you the feeling that it’s new. When a well-cared-for vehicle comes in for detailing, it usually yields a higher level result. If a neglected vehicle comes in it may not be a showstopper at the end of the service.

It’s best to schedule as soon as you have it on your mind. Diamond Fox is usually booked a couple weeks in advance, especially in the springtime. We can always put you on an “if time” list and give you a call if someone cancels or something opens up sooner.

There are thousands of different products being used in this industry. A lot of detailers will find products that work well for them to be their most efficient. The best products are going to be the ones that you enjoy working with. The ones that I have decided to use do not change very much at this point. Some of them are also eco-friendly.