Hey, I'm Jesse Fox

I run Diamond Fox,
the best detailing and ceramic coating Business in West Seattle

Diamond Fox Auto Detailing

"I have 21 Years Of Experience In Luxury Auto Detailing and Paint Correction"

With over 21 years of auto detailing experience, you can trust that you’re in good hands. My background ranges from body shops, to dealerships and high-end clubs where I’ve mastered my techniques. In all honesty, automotive detailing is a lifestyle for me which falls in-line with my other passions as an artist.

"My gift of noticing small things lets me make major differences to my customer's cars, taking them to higher levels of luxury, gloss, and protection."

~ Jesse Fox, Diamond Fox Owner

Using the best Supplies in the industry

Since my clients trust me to protect their cars for the next 3 to 5 years, I make sure my supplies are the best the industry has to offer. As a certified SB3 Ceramic Coating Installer, I have access to the elite-level supplies the general public can’t get – and the skills to know how to use it.

focusing on a specific set of skills

My skills are what set me apart from others. I still prefer to use an old-school rotary polisher when doing my elite-level services. Overall, old-school tools aren’t commonly used anymore. I feel like people get caught up in the latest technology trends, but lose track of key fundamentals.

taking pride in both my work and your ride

I believe in a long-term relationship-driven business. Therefore, I don’t intend to grow Diamond Fox into a big company. I want to focus on being an artist. Even more, delivering high quality results to my high quality clients. The reason people choose me over high-volume shops is because they want an artist who’s been building his skills for 21 years. And takes great pride in his work and their ride.

Get to know Diamond Fox's Services

Here's Some of My Best Work

Going to a detailer is one thing. However, finding someone like The Diamond Fox means forgetting what you knew before about detailing and stepping into an energetic transformation.
If you’re not happy, I’m not either.

BMW with a Silica Sealant

The owner wanted a sealant applied to the paint for some protection.

White Volvo XC90 with a 5-year ceramic coating service

Tesla with a 5-year SB3 Alpha Ceramic Coating

The owner was looking for a full paint protection.

Subaru WRX with 4-Year Coating

and a full paint correction

Diamond Fox FAQ

I'm Here To Help With Any Questions You May Have

I started doing this when I was 16 years old, working at a local auto body shop. Next I moved onto working at dealerships. Then I worked at a high-end club before deciding to start my own business in my early thirties.

I love everything about the process. At the end of most days, I see quality results and have happy customers. Not everybody gets to have a finished product everyday, so I find this to be rewarding.

When I’m not working in my business, I’m focusing on things in the music industry. I have been a writer, musician, and band leader most of my life.

I see this business growing into a medium-sized business and keeping it on that level. I do not want to ever sacrifice the quality of the work I deliver in order to fill the shop with a bunch of cars. This is something that I see that way too often in this industry and things get rushed.

Yeah it has happened multiple times but I just don’t see it haha. I actually find that to be insulting since I’m such a stud in comparison.

Believe it or not I listen to a lot of ambient bass drum and violin music. I find it energizing in the right way and helps keep my focus. Tom Petty is another one that gets played a lot in the shop.

Free time? The extent of that right now is hanging out at my favorite local coffee shop in West Seattle and spending time with my daughter. I also like being outdoors and road trips.

I guess it’s just something I developed over time. When I first got into this business on a professional level I didn’t think I was going to make it because there were a lot more things involved than I was thinking.

Diamond Fox Auto Detailing

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Auto Detailing ● New Car Protection ● Ceramic Coating ● Paint Correction

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  1. Later that day (or the next business day) I (Jesse) will call you.
  2. During this 10 to 15 minutes conversation we’ll cover
    1. The current condition of your car
    2. Your ideal goals for this service
    3. How long this will take (usually around 5.5 – 6 hours, depending on your car’s condition)
    4. and we’ll schedule a date and time for you to drop your car off.

"No surprises. Just quality elite-level services. Done right. The first time."
~Jesse Fox